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The world's largest large-scale intelligent deep-sea fishing ground

From the Qingdao science and Technology Bureau was informed that the world's largest large-scale intelligent deep-sea fishing boat in Qingdao completed, recently delivered to the owners of Norway. The fishing ground is a whole steel cage structure and fully automated breeding equipment, which can be used for fish culture in high water range of 100 to 300 meters.
As we have learned, this device is weighed by Qingdao boat, according to Norway aquaculture requirement is developed, it is current world monomer space is the biggest, the deep-sea aquaculture fishing ground with highest automation level. The device of single diameter of 110 meters, 69 meters high, 250 thousand cubic meters of water, including intelligent aquaculture system, security system, high-end automation management system, and can provide 7 staff living space, wind resistance 12, service life is 25 years.
The equipment costs a single set of about 420 million yuan, according to forecasts, only Norway market capacity of more than 100 sets, the future market potential is enormous. The successful delivery of the device marks the successful entry of Qingdao shipbuilding enterprises into the global high-end breeding equipment market, which sets a benchmark for the transformation of the old and new enterprises' kinetic energy and the transformation and upgrading of the enterprises in Qingdao
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