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      Qingdao Jiazhijie Aquatic products Co., Ltd was established at the year 2009,  is a comprehensive company with import and export trading, processing, and domestic market sellings.  The company head office located in Xinyuanzhuang International Logistic Park, Jimo, Qingdao,  with only 300 meters distance to the entrance of JiQing High Way, enjoying the most convinience of transportation to inland China market.  By several years development,   Jiazhijie Aquatic has established very matured seafoods import and sales network,  and purchasing various kinds of wild caught seafoods directly from fishing companies in New Zealand, Argentina, Cananda, Korea, etc.  In the domestic market,  the company has established stable sales channels in all big wholesale fish markets in China.  The main species Qingdao Jiazhijie operating now are: Orange roughy, Alfonsino, silver snapper, red prawn, spotted pomfret, ribbon fish, coldwater shrimp, snow crab, king crab, icefish, antarchtic shrimp, etc.

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